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Lutron AYCL-153PH-WH 150W LED-CFL Low Voltage Dimmer

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***Leaves Warehouse in 3-5 Days !*** Control your dimmable CFLs and LEDs with Lutron's dimmable C•L dimmers! Screw-in dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and screw-in dimmable light emitting diode lamps (LEDs) are a great energy-saving alternative to incandescent or halogen light sources; however, dimming them may be difficult. Lutron's new dimmers with HED Technology provides a solution to alleviate your dimmable CFL and LED dimming challenges, while setting the right light level to improve mood and ambiance. Install the Ariadni C•L Dimmer to soften the light of your high efficacy bulbs by adjusting the discreet slide to your desired brightness. Then use the switch to turn the lights all the way off, or on to the preset level. Lutron dimmers with HED Technology also provide full-range dimming for halogen and incandescent bulbs, ensuring today's dimmer is compatible with tomorrow's light sources. The dimmer can even dim a mixed load of light sources (i.e. LED and halogen or CFL and LED bulbs on the same circuit), while matching the look of your existing toggle switches.

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