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CLU72473 4 ft x 6 ft Net Light Set with 100 Cool White-Blue LED lights & Green Wire

$41.99 $37.99

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CLU72473 4 ft x 6 ft Net Light Set with 100 Cool White-Blue LED

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Illuminate your bushes in brilliant blue and cool white hues in no time. Net lights make it quick and easy to wrap hedges, bushes, and shrubs. Energy efficient LED bulbs are designed to last through many seasons of rough handling and winter weather. Make your bushes shine brightly this holiday season with LED net lights! 100 multicolor LED net lights on a 4' x 6' green wire. Net lights provide quick and uniform light coverage for bushes and shrubs. Wide angle bulb design with concave tip emits a brilliant light pattern and color. Tighter wire twists reduce tangling for a clean display. If one light goes out, the rest stay lit. Safely connect up to 21 nets for quicker light installation with less required outlets. UL Listed Christmas lights, engineered for your safety. Approved for indoor / outdoor use. Cover more surface area with less power sources with convenient stackable plugs! Energy saving LED lights use up to 90% less energy, saving you time and money. High quality LEDs result in a brighter, more brilliant light hue for a superior lighting display. LED bulbs always remain cool to the touch.

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