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CLP8532 Commercial Grade LED Christmas Lights White Wire 5mm Ice

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Grade: Premium LED Bulb Size: M5 LED Light Color:  Warm White Wire Color: White Bulb Type: LED Light Display: Steady Wire Gauge: 22 Female Plug: End-to-End Bulb Material: Epoxy Plastic Removable Bulbs: No Twist Proof Bulbs: Yes LED Bulb Shape: Mini Ice Average Hours: 100,000 Voltage: 120 Rating: Energy Star Certified, UL Listed Usage: Indoor / Outdoor Light Color Group: Multicolor Light Count: 70 Bulb Spacing - Inches: 4 in Lead Length: 6 in Tail Length: 6 in Male Plug: Fused/Stackable Light: Full Wave Watts Per Bulb: 0.069 Max Sets Connected: 43 String Length: 24.0 ft Amps: .04 Watts: 4.83 Max Connect Sets: Safely connect up to strings. Auto: Web Light Color: Warm White Lights: 70 M5 LED Multi: Red, Blue, Amber, Green, Gold, Full Wave, Steady (not twinkle), Twist Proof, Non-removable Certifications: UL, ENERGY STAR Dimensions: 6" lead, 4" spacing, 6" tail, 24.0' total length Power: 4.83 total watts, 0.069 watts per bulb, 120 volt, 43 max sets connected Plugs: Fused/Stackable male plug, end-to-end connectors  

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