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CLP7304 LED 6.5 FT Prelit Warm White CAROLINA FIR Christmas Tree, 700 light count 10 YEAR WARRANTY

$515.99 $508.99

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CLP7304 LED 6.5 FT Prelit Warm White CAROLINA FIR Christmas Tree

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A gem among artificial Christmas trees boasting rustic elegance Available in clear or multicolor lights Realistic TruTip™ technology Extremely high tip counts Long inner needles reach out to mix with PE tips for a tree that looks freshly cut Staggered tips with multiple color pigments in each needle Excellent branch design for displaying treasured ornaments Hinged tree branches for simple setup Room for presents below From the wintry woodlands to your home, the mesmerizing glow of the Carolina Fir is unparalleled. Majestic in size and rich with a blend of dark and light tips to resemble new growth, this distinguished Christmas tree is a sight to behold. A luxurious blend of multiple color pigments creates lifelike tips that shoot out in all directions adding to the Carolinas opulence. Hang ornaments from its many sturdy branches with plenty of room underneath for presents and create cherished Christmas memories gathered around the cozy presence of the Carolina Fir. From our hearth to yours, the Carolina is cherished as an all time favorite Christmas tree.  

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