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Landscape Lighting Applications

Understanding Landscape Lighting Applications

LED There Be Light's intrest is to educate you on understanding the most commonly used landscape lighting applications and how to incorporate them into the design of your outdoor lighting environment.  An educated customer is our best customer because then they can see that we truly want them to be excited and pleased about the outcome of their landscape lighting display.  We want your home to stand out from the rest of your neighborhood making the Jones' envious of your home.  Fill out our contact form for a FREE Landscape Lighting Evaluation.  

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is application dedicated to highlighting architectural features such found on your home but can also be used in other applications where you want draw attention to one specific feature.  This effect can be accomplished by placing the fixture within a foot or two and aiming the fixture up.  There are three things to consider when planning out accent or wall washing: 1.)  Desired amount of light to be displayed which involves determining the wattage of the bulb, 2.) Does the display of light need to be narrow or wide? This involves choosing the degree angle of the bulb ( we even have some fixture bulbs that have selectable angle settings), 3.) Lastly what is desired color temperature.  If you like the natural warm white light or bright more cool white effect.  It is not a good idea to mix color temperatures through out your landscape lighting plan.  

Accent lighting can be accomplished with flood lights, spot lights, and well lights. 


Grazing is an application that is a great option for those yards which are hardscape heavy including retaining walls or walls lining flowerbeds.  This is also a commonly used application used to accent homes.  In order to accomplish this effect you would place the fixture close to the wall structure and aiming them down or up to highlight the flat or textured surface.  Grazing creates a dramatic light and shadowing display.  This works best when the surface is uneven as walls built with stacked uneven rocks.  

Grazing can be accomplished with hardscape, in-grade, or well lights.

Moon Lighting

Moon Lighting is a fairly new application of landscape lighting.  It's effect can create a very unique display of lighting in a very natural way.  It is most effective if you have large trees in your space.  Typical installations use downlight fixtures mounted usually about three quarters of the way up the tree washing the branches and ground with light as if they were by the moon.  The installation of fixtures for moon lighting may also incorporate another fixture pointed up to light up the top branches of the tree as well.  These up light fixtures typically have at least a 25' lead power cables.    

Moon Lighting can be accomplished by using downlight and spot lights.

Path Lighting

Path Lights are the basic outdoor light fixture that all landscape lighting plans should incorporate.  Path lighs are used to create light markers that line a sidewalk or path.  Bollards are also commonly used in path lighting applications.  Incoprating path lights into your outdoor lighting design easily improves the curb appeal of your home or business and naturally make those pathways much safer to navigate.  

Path Lighting is accomplished using path lights, area lights, step lights, and bollards.  



Shadowing is the reverse lighting effect of silhouetting.  The idea of this lighting effect is to  project a shadow onto a wall or large flat surface.  To accomplish this lighting effect you would place the light fixture low to the ground and point the light upward.  This technique is often used for bushes, plants, or tree branches and can create a dramatic effect when the wind blows displaying the movement.  

Shadowing is accomplished with flood lights, spot lights, and well lights.


Silhouetting is a great way to highlight a specific feature such as a tree, fountain, statue or artwork that may be hiding in plain daylight.  To create this effect you would place the light fixture behind the feature and aim it up to the vantage point you want it to be seen making sure that the source of light can't be seen.    

Silhouetting is accomplished with spot lights and well lights. 

Underwater Lighting

Underwater Lighting is a dramatic way to set apart a landscape feature of your home such as a koi pond, water fall, or even a water fountain.  Underwater light fixtures usually come with 25' of power cable allowing flexibility of fixture placement.  We even carry specialty underwater fixtures with color changing capabilities.  

Underwater lighting is accomplished by using waterproof underwater light fixtures.