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Landscape Lighting Fixture Options

Wide Variety of Fixture Options -LIFETIME WARRANTY

LED There Be Light offers a wide variety of different landscape lighting fixtures to cover all landscpae lighting applications.  The pictures provided below are only a sample of the fixture options that are available through our vast manufacture partners.  Fill out our FREE Landscape Lighting Evaluation form to have our Landscape Lighting Design Team to design a landscape lighting plan that fits your budget as well as lighting needs.  Most fixtures offered by LED There Be Light carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY! 

Area & Flood Light Fixtures

Area & Flood Light Fixtures are used for wall washing or to light up a specific area with a lot of light.  Some of these fixtures are also dimmable with a IR remote control.  


Bollards are used for path lighting or to line a specific open space.  They come in a wide variety of different options from basic to decorative.   

Deck Light Fixtures

Deck Lights are used for side mount on deck post.  There are several different options for these type of light fixtures.  There is even an option for a deck post top light fixture.

Hardscape Light Fixtures

Hardscape light Fixtures are typically used for retaining walls but can be used for a wide variety of different landscape lighting applications.  

Path Light Fixtures

Path Light Fixtures are great for lighting up sidewalks,paths,flower beds, and open areas.  There are several different styles and can be customized for ideal fixture heights.  The fixtures pictured are just a very small sample of the fixtures that are available.  

Solar Light Fixtures

Solar Light Fixtures are a great idea for ultimate energy savings and require little effort to install them.  Some fixtures are self contained with a LED module, solar panel, back up battery.  There are also kits designed for small applications where no more than 4 fixtures are needed.  Although you can add additional kits to expand the system.  

Spot Light Fixtures

Spot light Fixtures are used a wide variety of landscape lighting applications including accenting, uplighting, directional, and moonlighting.  Here are a few different fixture options:   

Color Changing Spot Light Fixtures

Color Changing Spot Lights are perfect for those who want to add a unique color effect in your landscape light design.  

Step Light Fixtures

Step Light fixtrues are designed specifically for lighting up steps.  These fixtures are a great idea to highlight a staircase and also add a saftey factor to using the steps.

Well & In-Grade Light Fixtures

Well and In-grade Light Fixtures are ideal for a wide variety of landscape lighting including flower beds, uplighting for wall washing.   

Underwater Light Fixtures

Uderwater Light Fixtures are used to light up small ponds,waterfalls,fountains, and koi ponds.  There is also one option for a fixture that is dimmable with a IR remote control.  There is also a kit available that works great for koi ponds. 

Hanging Fixtures

Hanging Fixtures

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